Araucana Chickens Pricing Information for 2015

Regarding the Price page information…… 20 breeding flocks currently for  2015, most Roosters are tufted, Near 75% of hens lay blue eggs this year. I  expect plenty of started chicks to be available beginning in April 2015. Day old  chicks are only available to be obtained by appointment at the hatchery at this  time with negotiable prices , please check …

Roosters for Next Years Breeding Program

Araucana Roosters for sale for next years’ breeding program are numerous and gorgeous! This fellow with one blue tuft and one red tuft was certainly perpetuating more of its blue and red color.

2013 Summer prices and pictures

Araucana chickens are now being offered with  standard prices on birds for sale. This is for Summer 2013 and includes laying hens, Pullets, Trios and Roosters. Here are a few pullets in the Pullet Patch. Pullets start at $65 and they will be tail-less.Tufts add $25 for each tuft, so that would be $115 for a tail-less tufted pullet plus …

Araucana Hatching Eggs Discount For Summer !

Now for $35 Shipping included, I will provide 24 True Araucana Hatching eggs from my 40 year strain . Please contact me by email or phone for orders and special requests for bird colors, or flock selections.

Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery

Hello World, My first Blog at the onset of the launching of this Araucana Chicken Hatchery web site is regarding the Bird Logo. My son, Jared, drew the bird picture when he was very young and it has been on the fridge every since. I asked him to use some of his Graphic Artist Talents in making the logo out …