Hello Araucana World, this is the last year I will be open to the public and transition to the” Araucana Registry” begins. I will support “Registry” members and help members help each other. Assisting through interactions, provider lists and stock from my hatchery to members. The public may have access to my hatchery but only at prices that will support a profit.

Beginning with a small group at first and growing to regional support areas is a goal. Promoting interactions for like minded people to interact and provide support to each other is another basic goal to keep it going after I am gone. A book will be mandatory to inform participants of the knowledge for scientifically sound principles to be the practice. That is not to restrict personal projects but to allow for many personal projects to complement each other and include new members with similar projects. These birds with their diversity and potential for more uniqueness than any other chicken types can include many traits while still being Mapuche Race Chickens. This is very much unlike the “Hybrid Show Chicken Crowd” seeking conformity to only one standard with feather color differences and no purebred heredity requirement.

From my end, I will be able to hatch more chicks and provide specialized stock to others to assist with goals and outcomes. That is huge for advancing in many areas while keeping them pure as a chicken breed. Unlike other chicken breeds in modern times, these birds offer choices impossible for other chicken breeds to compete with because they are a unique species. Because they have been maintained as pure Native South American Mapuche Race Chickens historically they can be included as any pure Mapuche Chicken while being Ketros and/or Kollonkas offering even more options.

After many years of being neglected by the unscientific show crowd practicing their Standard of Extinction rules applied through the A.P.A. for exhibition by only including and recognizing the lethal factor tufted birds. These common sense things should change over time. I will be glad to diminish my assistance to those that are not helping to recognize the true unique qualities of these fine birds and also by not seeking to dilute them with modern chicken types. There will be those who want to practice those standards but they will be identified and advised to acknowledge their birds heredity honestly.

At first, joining the Registry will only receive my hatchery support, a book and a list of participants that will be updated quarterly, every three months. Participation is totally voluntary. Being on a list of supporting members is also voluntary and not a requirement. Total anonymous membership is also possible while still maintaining access to others providing support when desired.

Beginning with a registration fee of $75 that will include one “Araucana Experience” book by Edward Sheppard and a 10% hatchery discount for Registry members, memberships will hopefully expand rapidly. A $25 yearly fee will be applied to continue each year after the first years membership to receive quarterly updates and hatchery discounts with advancing options.
This is the time and a fine year to begin with the world looking for a secure future they can rely on.

Thank you for your motivation, interest and efforts regarding these birds. If you want to be the first in your area, you can be. I will be adding this criteria to the web site for reference. Best Regards.

edd Sheppard ( : > )