Hatchery Update for 2021

First, I want to say the year 2020 was an incredible year here for the Araucana Chickens and their future with increased interest and requests for these birds reaching new levels. My new book published in 2020 called Araucana Experience has been very well received. Please help these birds by learning why they are so awesome and how all chickens have their special needs to consider.

Every bird and hatching egg that comes from here has incredible potential that can fill the needs of all modern chicken goals if you know what to look for and get some from birds from our two Araucana Chicken strains. Each strain is kept separate here. Tailed “True Araucana Chickens” are called Ketros or Quetros, they are the same genetically with the tailed trait presenting and helping to maintain their hardiness by reducing the tail-less birds missing anatomy lethal traits. My 48-year strain has always had Ketros. Tails have been bred back into the Black Show Araucana Chicken Strain that have many modern commercial hybrid chicken traits, they are very different.

Please learn the differences as they cannot be raised together because the Modern Hybrid Show Chickens mature at 4.5 to 5 Months age and True Araucana Chickens Mature at 8-12 Months old, usually closer to 12 months of age. One generation per year compared to almost three generations per year is just the beginning of their differences that would make them another separate species, if chickens were truly classified like other species.

Keeping “True Araucana Chickens” from South America Pure the way they still do there with Ketros and the Tail-less types called Kollonkas has always been my goal of saving them from extinction and further genetic dilution. Keeping the Modern Show Araucana Strain pure and using their commercial traits offers many options also. Both offer Tail-less, Tufted, Blue Egg laying traits and the Ketros also lay 95% plus Blue Eggs.

NEW THIS YEAR*** are the new Hybrid Ketro strain. They are bred from the “Black Hybrid Show Strain” with reduced tufted trait that is producing over 90% hatch rate last year. Getting Ketros recognized in North America has been a challenge. Getting purebred Blue egg laying chickens in 5 months is nothing to ignore for a new commercial chicken type developed from the Black feathered Hybrid Show Strain Ketros without the lethal factors. Specialty egg requests or marking eggs with their flock designations must be approved in writing by edd Sheppard ( : > ) with additional prices and terms to be determined in advance.

I will sponsor new hatcheries with all the options that I provide. I will also sell my hatchery and reduce to Hobby status again. HATCHING EGGS ARE FROM A MIX OF ALL FLOCKS with NO PRICE CHANGES and NO GUARANTEES DUE TO UNKNOWN FACTORS. We know the percentages from near 100% feedback. I will also grow the hatchery, with help, on my 120-acre Ranch in Cottonwood, California. I want people to have these birds.

PLEASE get a Araucana Experience” Book by Edward Sheppard because you can learn something from everyone, if you want to. Good luck with your Araucana Chicken Goals. Let me know if I can help. Best Regards.

edd Sheppard ( : > )