Awesome Araucana is still active in our hatchery business and all prices and terms are unchanged.

Thanks to all living in the new age of science awareness and sustainable home poultry production. Our hatchery is helping by making these goals possible. We still prefer selling hatching eggs under the current national environment rules. Prices remain the same and live birds are not generally offered as shipping exceeds the cost of the birds.

Shipping "One of a Kind" birds that cannot be replaced exactly is a gamble we choose not to take with shipping (They cannot be returned). Hatching eggs offer the same results we get in comparable percentages from a mix of 26 flocks.

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New this hatching season is the addition of a few Ketro trait birds ( Two small Flocks ) one each in both strains of Araucana types maintained here ( North American Hybrids or South American Mapuche Chickens ) Each are purebred from the strain they originated from and are exactly the same except for the missing tail trait. These two Araucana chicken strains are not mixed here.This can add to the value of keeping them pure and also help in preventing missing anatomy syndromes common in tail-less birds.

Ketros of the Hybrid Black strain here may include the new non-tufted tailed types that have great commercial value producing awesome blue eggs and over 90% fertility rate. They mature in 4.5 months and can be either Black or Blue/gray feather color showing a recessive for Black color trait.

Curbside Service

"Curb Service" in our rural setting is only for local purchase and pickup. Contact Edd directly for what is available to purchase. As usual, we do not allow visitors at the hatchery for Bio-security reasons. Appointments must be scheduled in advance with appropriate distancing required during stock transfers in a local open space area.

Thanks to all for your interest in these birds. Please be safe, enjoy our Planet and let me know if I can help with these chickens.

edd   (  : > )

Araucana Chickens

"My objective is to maintain and make available birds from this strain of line bred, “Tail-less, Tufted Araucana Chickens” brought together in 1973 from strains known for egg quality, body types, and good natural instincts. Continuing forward with focus on Quality bird health while predominantly producing Blue eggs."( :>) Edd Sheppard
Araucana Experience Book

Newest Comprehensive Book on Araucana Mapuche Chickens!

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Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery Updates for the year 2024




The 36 hatching egg requests will now be a 42 egg request AND my book will be included with every 42 egg request for $158.00

The $10 price increase is actually a discount because you get a half dozen more eggs and a book that costs $24.95 with shipping included.

I am old and my health is failing so I am pressed to use my time more efficiently. My goal has always been to save these Mapuche Race Chickens from extinction. They are called "True Araucana Chickens" by many people in the U.S...
I provide the stock, and knowledge in my book to save them while keeping them pure. My book "Araucana Experience" by Edward Sheppard will also help with understanding all types of domesticated chickens. I spend way too much time explaining things to people new to these concepts. I am not interested in providing hens only or a lone bird to someone for display, as that would advance their extinction or accommodate their hybridization with other chicken types. Thank you for your interest in these birds. Let me know if I can help. Best Regards, ( : > ) edd

Sales of my Book "Araucana Experience" by Edward Sheppard will remain unchanged and is available through the website with no price changes. Local pickup only for mature stock or chicks when they are available. Please know, "Only"Hatching Eggs" and  "Araucana Experience" Books will be shipped. No visitors are allowed at the hatchery for "Biosecurity Reasons". Stock transfers will be done at a nearby location.

All livestock are for local pickup only. So if you are a "Local Pickup" customer, you have more options. My wife Karen ships the Hatching eggs. We now have 24 Breeding Flocks and hatching eggs are Blue or Green and are from a mix of flocks and have one double tufted parent. All  Blue or green eggs carry the Blue egg trait and a 25% hatch is the average result due to lethal "Ear Tuft Genetic Factors".

I cannot guarantee your incubation or hatch results but after 50 years of keeping the "Mapuche Strain" pure, and making them available, I know the usual outcomes. For 2024 I will be returning  to personal stock status and much reduced bird numbers. I am maintaining my NPIP certification for interstate sales to  U.S.A. destinations only.

I still only have the two Araucana strains, my 50 year Mapuche strain, and a "Black North American Show Strain. They are easy to tell apart as I have no "Pure Black" birds of "My Mapuche Araucana Strain". I do not cross them here.

We are located in Cottonwood, California., 96022.  Our land line phone number is 530 347-9192 (So No Texting, Emails through hatchery website as usual.

Important to Note re: Shipping to some states!

Most Interstate poultry transfers now require permits from the receiving states. This is new for some states and each state is potentially different in requirements. We are applying and receiving authorizations from some states , others are slow to respond. Sometimes eggs are returned and other times a state will allow shipment from certified hatcheries like us with notification of required permits and/or registration. WE did not know this and just received a full list that includes most states. This will not affect actual shipping times for hatching eggs. It may increase the approval time for some states before eggs can be shipped.

Hopefully this will resolve quickly.

Pickup will not be affected by this regulation. (Remember, livestock is sold only after authorization and for local pickup only).

We will provide updates as needed. Thank you for your interest in these birds. I am glad to help.

Best Regards, edd ( : > )

Hatchery Information and Araucana Book!

First, I want to say the year 2020 was an incredible year here for the Araucana Chickens and their future with increased interest and requests for these birds reaching new levels. My new book published in 2020 called Araucana Experience has been very well received. Please help these birds by learning why they are so awesome and how all chickens have their special needs to consider.

Every bird and hatching egg that comes from here has incredible potential that can fill the needs of all modern chicken goals if you know what to look for and get some from birds from our two Araucana Chicken strains. Each strain is kept separate here. Tailed “True Araucana Chickens” are called Ketros or Quetros, they are the same genetically with the tailed trait presenting and helping to maintain their hardiness by reducing the tail-less birds missing anatomy lethal traits. My 48-year strain has always had Ketros. Tails have been bred back into the Black Show Araucana Chicken Strain that have many modern commercial hybrid chicken traits, they are very different.

Please learn the differences as they cannot be raised together because the Modern Hybrid Show Chickens mature at 4.5 to 5 Months age and True Araucana Chickens Mature at 8-12 Months old, usually closer to 12 months of age. One generation per year compared to almost three generations per year is just the beginning of their differences that would make them another separate species, if chickens were truly classified like other species.

Keeping “True Araucana Chickens” from South America Pure the way they still do there with Ketros and the Tail-less types called Kollonkas has always been my goal of saving them from extinction and further genetic dilution. Keeping the Modern Show Araucana Strain pure and using their commercial traits offers many options also. Both offer Tail-less, Tufted, Blue Egg laying traits and the Ketros also lay 95% plus Blue Eggs.

NEW THIS YEAR*** are the new Hybrid Ketro strain. They are bred from the “Black Hybrid Show Strain” with reduced tufted trait that is producing over 90% hatch rate last year. Getting Ketros recognized in North America has been a challenge. Getting purebred Blue egg laying chickens in 5 months is nothing to ignore for a new commercial chicken type developed from the Black feathered Hybrid Show Strain Ketros without the lethal factors. Specialty egg requests or marking eggs with their flock designations must be approved in writing by edd Sheppard (  : > ) with additional prices and terms to be determined in advance.

I will sponsor new hatcheries with all the options that I provide. I will also sell my hatchery and reduce to Hobby status again.  HATCHING EGGS ARE FROM A MIX OF ALL FLOCKS with NO PRICE CHANGES and NO GUARANTEES DUE TO UNKNOWN FACTORS. We know the percentages from near 100% feedback.  I will also grow the hatchery, with help, on my 120-acre Ranch in Cottonwood, California. I want people to have these birds.

 PLEASE get a Araucana Experience” Book by Edward Sheppard because you can learn something from everyone, if you want to.  Good luck with your Araucana Chicken Goals. Let me know if I can help. Best Regards.

edd   Sheppard   (  : > )


Also, we have another web site called “Araucana Registry” is available for  anyone willing to look at OR you can sign up as a member for $75 which also includes 10% discount and other advantages for the future and get listed in a “Araucana Directory”. As a member with name and poultry interest only. No address or phone number will be given without permission for privacy. With a network of interested participants others can know you are here and your Blue egg chicken interest will be established for interactions, including exchanges, assistance and advice from a central source.  Contact Edd to sign up and become a member.


Hatching Eggs will be available at $158 per 42 eggs. Price includes priority shipping. If you read the book, you will know what you are seeing in the “Hatching Eggs Results”. Having read the book, you will be decades ahead of anyone new to these birds. Personal projects, commercial interests or group support are all possible in each batch of hatching eggs that are from a mix of flocks. The overwhelming majority of Flocks are tail-less with one parent being double tufted. This includes a few Ketro flocks with one tufted parent. The Black show Hybrid strain that matures in 4.5 months has a non-tufted Ketro flock for the first time this year and they could be Black or Blue/Gray. These Non-Tufted Black or Blue/Gray Tailed birds have all the traits of commercial egg laying chickens and few of the lethal factors associated with Tail-less, Tufted chickens. Also they are pure to their strain either Hybrids or My strain.

I do not maintain a non-tufted flock of my strain Ketros but they do occur. Those genetic goals are not followed here as they lack the commercial traits by taking 8 months to a year to lay their first eggs, growing slow and eating less to end up bigger and smarted than the Hybrids. The occasional non tufted and tailed chicken will present in small numbers and they are 100% pure to the strain they represent, either Black or Mapuche strain. I am not sure what could be accomplished with mixing these birds. I do not mix the two strains here. Personal projects are the normal approach until a goal is reached. I still only have the two Araucana Chicken strains here in both Ketros and Kollonkas.

Flock size is reduced this year to increase fertility and help monitor hatch results (8-1 hens per Rooster). I will keep you all informed as I learn additional hatch result information.

Besides the usual, White, Black, Blue/Gray, Red, Silver Duckwing, Golden Duckwing, Palomino color types and Black Breasted Red feather colors, there are many spotted and splash mix feather colors in the mix. Blue eggs mostly followed by Turquoise then pale green then the dark green eggs. With half or more hens new this year and most yet to lay their first eggs, much mystery awaits. The cold wet winter this year has slowed egg production in Northern California.

All negative test results from recent certification blood test monitoring continue our disease free status for the diseases that they test for. Let me know if I can help.

Please know:
Mature birds and chick sales are by private contract only, arranged by Edward Sheppard and not routinely done. Local pick-up will continue as in the past. No unauthorized visitors for Bio-secure reasons. Thank you for your interest in these birds. Best Regards.

( :>) Edd Sheppard

These South American Araucana Chickens are enjoying their first free range experience and able to show flying abilities with instincts and desire that are necessary to survive in the jungle where their "Polynesian Chicken Heredity" relatives do so well.

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