Araucana Basics

The Standard for body type in the Araucana Chicken is; Tail-less, Bilaterally symmetrically Tufted,with a pea comb and lays a Blue egg. For show standard color types you can check the A.P.A. for criteria.

Modern Araucana Chickens are a cross of at least two main lineages, one, a tail-less blue egg layer and one a relatively unknown now extinct wild ear tufted bird with a tail, that lays a pink or brownish egg.  Dr. Bustos about one hundred years ago in Chile, South America had the first documented flock near Santiago, Chile. They were described at the first international congress meeting in Spain in 1918.

Tail-less Tufted Araucanas do not always produce Tail-less Tufted chicks. Many tufted chicks look mature in the unhatched egg, but do not hatch due to a lethal “Double ear tuft trait gene” inheritance from having both tufted parents, which is being studied and generally accepted. I do get birds with three or more tufts  every year, so I think there is more to be learned.

Chicks and young adult birds can be difficult to tell the sex because of late and/or unusual feather coloration. Hens fight. Roosters mature slowly and Comb size will vary. As far as I know, sexed day old chicks are unavailable anywhere with the Araucana Breed of Chickens.

There are many articles of historical interest and scientific focus available. Local Poultry clubs and National organizations like the Araucana Club of America are great supporters.

Hens that lay a green egg can have chicks that lay blue, green or pinkish eggs. Rooster influence can affect egg color outcomes. I do not sell chicks hatched from pink eggs or sell pink eggs for hatching. I have always appreciated the look of  many egg colors in the nests and always liked blue the best. Having a few green egg layers provided a few pinkish egg layers over the years, besides glossy, round, ring tinted, or any number of  variations while still looking tail-less and tufted.

All of my adult  Birds are not vaccinated or medicated. Chicks are fed medicated chick starter until after they are on the ground and acquire natural soil bacteria immunities and balances. All Birds meet N.P.I.P.( National Poultry Improvement Plan ) standards and have been tested disease free and appear healthy. Never a positive test for anything tested for N.P.I.P. certification.

Hatching eggs are from a mix of twelve flocks put together by color as much as possible, including: Red, White, Silver and Golden Duckwing, Black Breasted Red, Blue Red, Blue-Grey, Black and White and many mixes of spots splashes and colors. Historically well over 50% of my hens lay nice blue eggs, and they are “Gourmet Terrific” to eat. All birds are tail-less, all roosters nicely tufted, about half of the hens are bilaterally tufted.

For forty years (Generations) I hatch the first early eggs from all the chickens, when the flocks are mixed with too many young roosters and all colors of hens together starting to lay. I do this to keep the genetic pool large as possible without bringing in outside stock, then I keep the best, they are usually the most unique and beautiful. I still am amazed at the Variety of color and patterns. Then I form the flocks and hatch the best eggs, and this year will start selling those eggs. I want people to have these birds.

True Araucanas are a hardy, intelligent and offer much. Their traits carry well to their young and I believe the future will prove exciting as the qualities of this fairly new breed of chicken are appreciated. They can full fill every need that we have placed on them in the chicken world and ours.

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