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Local Pick-up and Delivery

Sales of eggs and birds to the public is year round, for pick-up at the Hatchery or local delivery, many with fixed prices.

Billing Information

If you pay using Pay Pal, you will need my personal email address to transfer funds –

At checkout, you will have the option to pay with Credit Cards, Debit or PayPal.

    For amounts that differ from items listed on my website, you will need my personal email account address will be needed to transfer funds –

    Hatching Eggs Prices and Terms

    1. NEW THIS YEAR – Hatching Eggs will be available at $40 per dozen
    2. Hatching Eggs (no pink eggs) – our current special is 3 dozen eggs (36) for $100. This does NOT include shipping and handling (which is added at checkout). And it includes priority shipping and tracking.
    3. Blue or green eggs with variations of each color.
    4. Specialty and additional eggs by mutual agreement.
    5. Each hatch has different results; choices vary, feather color choice options change. All chicks shipped are “my choice”.
    6. I only have two strains of Araucana type chickens:

    a. My 45 year strain of Ketros and Kollonkas
    b. Black Feathered strain.

    7. Each Strain is kept pure here.
    8. Only pure black chickens produced here are of the hybrid strain and related to each other.
    9. All other feather color chickens produced here are related and of my 45 year Mapuche strain.
    10. Generally expect a mix of representation, strains in each batch.

    Contact Info

    Edd Sheppard
    (530) 347-9192
    Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery

    Important to Note re: Shipping to some states!

    New in the last week for July 2020 and on!!! Most Interstate poultry transfers now require permits from the receiving states. This is new for some states and each state is potentially different in requirements. We are applying and receiving authorizations from some states , others are slow to respond. Sometimes eggs are returned and other times a state will allow shipment from certified hatcheries like us with notification of required permits and/or registration. WE did not know this and just received a full list that includes most states. This will not affect actual shipping times for hatching eggs or livestock. It may increase the approval time for some states before stock can be shipped. Hopefully this will resolve quickly. Local deliveries and pickup of livestock will not be affected by this regulation. We will provide updates as needed. Thank You for your interest in these birds. I am glad to help. Best Regards, edd ( : > )

    Hatching Eggs Additional Info.

    1. No guarantees or refunds on shipped eggs due to shipping trauma, unknown incubation events and verification difficulties. People generally get the same results that I get.
    2. Hatching eggs are from two strains of Araucana type chickens. The black feathered hybrid show strain and my 45 year strain of Ketros and Kollenkas producing Araucana types. Each strain has value and each strain is kept pure for genetic heredity identification.

    Please Note:
    Postal Service does not insure for breakage or livestock lost, delivered within estimated time.
    Eggs will be shipped in the order that the funds are received.
    Hatching eggs cannot be guaranteed because of incubating variables, and unknown shipping trauma.

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    A $10 off on any book purchase with an one dozen or more hatching egg purchase through PayPal will require my personal email address for fund transfers in these odd amounts it is making the “Araucana Experience” book price of $19.95 with shipping included along with the egg shipment. SAVE $10 ON THE REGULAR $29.95 BOOK PRICE WITH SHIPPING INCLUDED.  You will need to email or call me directly for this special.

    Our Special Price for 3 dozen is $100!! To purchase our Hatching Eggs by the dozen ($40) choose your option below, then click the BUY NOW button. This does NOT include shipping and handling (which is added at checkout), also includes priority shipping and tracking.

    By the dozen

      Shipping Information

      • Shipping with United States Postal Service ONLY.
      • Shipments may vary if extreme temperatures.
      • Local delivery is available.
      • NOT OFFERED: International shipments of live birds are not offered due to unpredictable quarantine regulations.

      Enjoy  the Planet!    :>) edd

      Birds For Sale

      For Local Residents – we have local pick-up and delivery.  Sales of eggs to the public is year round, for pick-up at the Hatchery or local delivery, many with fixed prices.

      “National Poultry Improvement Program” (NPIP) number is: CA 337