Araucana Chicken egg color evaluation

Araucana chicken egg color can be seen best in diminished light. I learned this many years ago and pass it on through my True Araucana Hatchery   This is easy to see by viewing Araucana eggs in direct Sunlight, then viewing them in the shade and the differences become obvious. Because the light blue egg shell allows so much light through that it reflects off of a orange yolk and gives a blue egg a pale green appearance. The best natural light is at dusk after the Sun has set for viewing the eggs.  As Sunlight diminishes, the blue eggs become obvious, they become a more intense blue in a basket of other blue eggs with blue light reflecting and becoming more intense at the borders of the touching eggs. Picture taking with a camera flash or direct Sunlight will change the egg color to a greenish tint depending on camera and settings. At dusk when the Sunlight is at a nice diminished intensity, a picture can be taken without a flash to give an accurate depiction of egg colors with the proper camera settings. Turquoise eggs that have a blue/green appearance in direct Sunlight will become a beautiful blue at dusk. Many times pale green eggs are actually blue in the proper light because the orange yolk is a darker orange and not as yellow as commercial store bought egg yolks and lighter color admits more light through. The darker orange the yolk is, the more orange color light reflects back to the shell. Araucana chickens on the ground getting plenty of minerals and nutrients will have darker orange egg yolks. A pale blue egg will not be as difficult to evaluate in the sunlight because the Sunlight is reflected directly off the external surface because of the lighter color. Basically, dark colors absorb light and reflect less light back so a dark green egg will be dark green in any adequate light. Blue eggs are a lighter blue on the inside just like green eggs are blue on the inner surface of the egg shell so this light color absorbs the reflected orange color more readily and can change the green tint on a green egg and the blue tint on a blue egg. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me to hatch quality eggs. Now I only check egg color at dusk to see what eggs get incubated giving the chicks the best chances of getting the best traits. Good luck. Enjoy our Planet.  ( :>)    edd Sheppard    from “Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery” Tail-less Tufted birds producing quality color eggs since 1973