Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery FOR SALE OR TRADE

I am offering my NPIP Certified Araucana Chicken Hatchery for Sale or Trade and will consider many options. My 45 year effort of maintaining and improving Mapuche Race Chickens obtained in 1973 has been successful.

It began after 40 years of raising them in isolation without vaccinations or antibiotics and keeping them pure. I started seeking a hatchery that would keep this rare Mapuche Chicken strain going and making them available. I learned they could only accept NPIP certified birds. I knew of no one that had True South American stock in the U.S.A., except me, and I did not want them to be lost. I became NPIP certified. They are tested twice a year in California. They have never had a positive test for any disease NPIP has tested for. Five years now this NPIP Certified Hatchery has been providing birds, hatching eggs and information while making beneficial contributions to the Araucana Chicken world. These birds are now known internationally and held in high regard in the Countries of their origin as well for their known Mapuche traits that many American Hybrid show birds do not have. Mine still look like the South American Araucana Types in modern times with color types and many other physical traits. Please note: A few quality “Show” strain American bred “Black” Araucana types were added (because of demand) and are kept separate with three large producing flocks of tail-less tufted blue egg laying Black Feathered Araucana types now. They are beautiful and some subtle differences can be noted from my strain.

With lower fertility and resulting hatch rates than practically any other chickens, their prices remain higher than most other chickens. They also cannot be sexed as day old chicks like European chickens and hybrids. I must say I have tried to keep prices low as quality was not related to price 5 years ago and misinformation was abundant. True quality is obvious and appreciated scientifically and internationally. The looks of their traits with Gourmet tasting blue eggs are values that set them apart requiring serious efforts and it keeps their prices up. Distinguishing customer relationships have been developed. People that appreciate these birds tend to be respectful with many repeat customers and almost no paid advertising, things are pretty busy. A respect for science is giving many owners and providers the power of truth and the foundation genetics of these Native American Mapuche Race chickens to maintain them for the future. My affiliations are with Universities, Colleges, Veterinary schools and poultry experts, I belong to no clubs or organizations.

I personally believe Mapuche Race Chickens are capable of much more than any other chickens. Their diversity and history differs from the Roman based European types which dominate the world in commercial production numbers. This makes the commercialized well known chickens available for sale in large quantities that sexing as day old chicks promote. However, these fine South American Birds are not historically like that unless hybridized. Araucana types are not all alike. That diversity is their natural state because they are still a result of both, a Tailed Tufted Ketro and Tail-less blue egg laying strain. Their mere 100 year known existence with documentation has plenty of room controversy with some gaps and some known related types. They are still a balance of the two types because of undeniable “Ear Tuft” lethal factors described scientifically in the 1950’s. Both are Mapuche Native American People’s Chickens kept by them in isolation until the 1880’s. These birds will always be a “Work in Progress” as they are a balance of awesome traits, some lethal, and natural diversity, producing combinations that do not exist in European chickens without hybridization. Diversity is what insures viability of any species in nature by decreasing vulnerabilities to unique situations. Now with 45 years, my efforts of selective breeding without out-crossing their lineage is established, my strain are all related, no matter what color they are. The Black show strain is beautiful but have differences in feather texture, feather strength, instincts, flying ability, and docility, and growth rate time to maturity. I do not show Araucanas but I have every color allowed for showing at this time and many other colors also, along with color combinations that do not have names yet.

I have a very large flock of white Birds increased for egg production and hot weather tolerance and other qualities. They could be advanced to the next commercial level and still maintain their tufted gene in manageable numbers and the ability to increase fertility along with their diversity. Having one tufted parent decreases fertility by 20%. With the abundance of good dominant genes their potential is endless and their ability to improve hybrid traits with my strain with out-crossing is well documented and repeatable. Adding that their Gourmet blue eggs are in demand, yes there is a difference. Higher egg prices are common for Blue, Turquoise or Green “Eating eggs”.

The potential to grow and produce quality birds is ready to contribute at a level that has not existed on our planet yet and it has taken 45 years to prepare and learn. Now this can be shared, promoted and enjoyed by anyone at some level. I am ready to retire again. My goal is to have a couple of “Hobby” flocks of my own by the end of the year and pass rest and the business on. Now with 300-400 laying hens and 50-100 new chicks hatching weekly from mostly blue eggs, sales with marketing would not be a problem. Therefore, only eggs will be sold to increase hen numbers for near future rapid growth and supply options. Also, No international orders will be scheduled due to logistics and unforeseen import/export and shipping options that do not have guarantees.

I would consider: Sale of all or part, Trade/Barter, sponsorships or a business partnership to continue forward with mutual hatchery growth goals. Other purchase options could include all or part: My 4.25 acre R9 zoning (9 units per ac.= 38 Condos possible) Grandfathered in, Gentleman’s Horse property 2br 1ba House, 2br 1ba Mobile used as hatchery barn everything is “Permitted, with Pastures, 10 stall barn, fruit trees and the best soil in California ½ mile from the upper Sacramento river in a private park like setting. Just Property or, Property with Hatchery, Birds, two registered websites, incubators, supplies, picture/logo copy rights, I could possibly provide transport of stock also, consultation by agreement, or shipping. OR, I could trade everything to the right person for classic cars like a “Porsche 356”, land, a house trade (without debt, my $65k is assumable), and I get a few hatching eggs for myself or something and re-retire. IF NO SALE, I will be selling birds cheaply and closing the hatchery to the public this fall and working on their genetics in isolation again. I know I have made the World a better place and their genetics has not been lost, I am soon to have maintained them for half of the time they have been known to exist in their modern form and kept them pure.

Please let me know if I can help with these birds. Best Regards. Enjoy the Planet.

edd Sheppard ( :>)