Awesome Araucana 2016 Recap

“Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery” is closed for the season preparing for Spring 2017.

Thank you all for your interest and participation keeping this fine old strain of Araucana type Chickens going on into the future. Please know, I will be available for Hatchery business communications from March through July beginning March first, 2017.

Our 2016 season was active. Feedback on results was the best, and of great value to us all, Thank You !!!

Truth is the best foundation. Sharing results like evaluation of eggs at different stages of development with candling, was especially helpful scientifically and supports true advances. These Mapuche Race Chickens are difficult to maintain over time in a fashion that compliments their breed. Their rarity is because of this difficulty and their difficulty is the reason for their rarity. A 50% air sac separation has been upgraded to near 100% in some cases. This is a real problem for future considerations regarding shipping trauma in an already low fertility rate.

Most hatching egg batches have produced live chicks, as far away as France, and the birds were healthy. Some new occurrences are; a three legged hen, a Quechua top knot type hen throwback, new feather color combinations and colors and some black skinned chicks with white, Palomino, or black feathers. Black skinned birds are known South American and Polynesian chicken trait that are closely related to the Jungle fowl types that all chickens are derived from. They have black bones and dark meat. Keeping them pure has allowed genetics to present from ancient bloodlines and absolutely part of the reason these birds are special and deserve credit for their natural abilities that are absent in European type chicken generally. Blue and turquoise egg color percentages have increased to well over 90%. A fine Ketro flock has emerged and will be maintained by free ranging on several acres in the Spring 2017.

On another note; I have sold several breeding flocks to a provider in California that expects to have stock available by the year’s end. I am glad to help perpetuate these birds in any way that respects their purity, their abilities and the truths of their long term maintenance. I want people to have these birds. Registry affiliations will be offered in 2017 to all that have gotten stock from our Hatchery.

Best Regards, Enjoy our Planet, Thank you for letting me help with these fine birds. Edd Sheppard ( :>)