Prices & Shipping

Shipping costs are estimations and may not reflect actual cost of shipping your birds or eggs.

All shipping costs are revealed to recipients and openly documented.

Araucana Purchase options

Prices and Shipping and Terms:
Prices of Hatching Eggs:
  • Hatching Eggs (no pink eggs) – our current special is 24 eggs are now $60 per 2 Dozen. (Sixty dollars per two dozen)
  • Blue or green Eggs with variations of each color.
  • Additional eggs are by the dozen at $25 each, i.e. 3 dozen for $85, 4 dozen for $110.

Shipped eggs for 2014 have been running 40% of total eggs hatching and 40% tufted chicks.

Started Chicks for 2014:
  • Straight Run Only
  • Minimum shipment is 4 chicks priced at $25 each – SHIPPING IS $45.
  • There will be a tufted bird in every batch of 4 or more Started Chicks.
  • Chicks age: 3 weeks and older.
  • Orders are shipped with paid confirmation dates.  First come, first served.
  • Special orders on started chicks by private negotiation only include: Specific, Flock Specific, All-tufted, Color preference (feather, leg, etc.).
Roosters and Hens for Sale:
  • Roosters are $125 each.
  • Call to check current availability and possible trio flock formation.
  • Pictures upon request.
  • Hens, when available, are $65 each and up.
Billing Information:

If you pay using Pay Pal, you will need my personal email address to transfer funds –

Shipping Information:
  • Shipping with United Stated Postal Service ONLY.
  • Live birds are shipped by Express Mail.
  • Shipments may vary if extreme temperatures.
  • Local delivery is available.
  • 4 chick minimum per box per shipment.

Regarding the Price page information…… 20 breeding flocks currently for  2014, most Roosters are tufted, Near 75% of hens lay blue eggs this year. I  expect plenty of started chicks to be available beginning in April 2014. Day old  chicks are only available to be obtained by appointment at the hatchery at this  time with negotiable prices , please check ahead for the number of chicks that  are available to avoid unnecessary  travel. Please check monthly for gallery  picture updates and for possible changes. Fertility rates will be posted after  they are established on shipped hatching eggs. Thank you for your time ! Enjoy  the Planet!    :>) edd

Birds For Sale

Birds available for sale to the public will be offered occasionally through, many with fixed prices, and some for auction. Due to the extreme summer temperatures in Redding, California (over 100 degrees!), there may be shipping delay considerations. Private viewing and sales by appointment only, and applies to sold birds being picked up after purchase at this time. Maintaining bio secure environmental goals of disease prevention is a primary concern. I do not vaccinate or medicate adult birds. Although chicks are fed medicated purina chick starter until after they are on the ground to promote cocci soil bacteria immunity development.

“National Poultry Improvement Program” (NPIP) number is: CA 337