Araucana Chickens

My objective is to maintain and make available birds from this strain of line bred, “Tail-less, Tufted Araucana Chickens” brought together in 1973 from strains known for egg quality, body types, and good natural instincts.

Continuing forward with focus on Quality bird health while predominantly producing Blue eggs.

Prices & Shipping

Welcome to Edd’s Awesome Aracuana Chicken Hatchery! Now is the time to get your eggs, so call us today to place your order.

Welcome to “Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery”, Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and there will be chicks hatching by the end of February 2013. My wife tells me she has seen day old chicks going through the mail at the Post Office locally already, so shipping is apparently accepted in some of the warmer climate zones now as Priority Mail. She is a Postmaster so our day old chicks will get the special considerations they deserve until shipped. Some of last years hens that hatched later in the season are starting to lay their first eggs now making every day exciting. Mostly blue eggs, but three hens are laying a pinkish color egg out of 84 laying daily so far this year of 122 total Standard size tail-less hens.

Day old chick prices will start at $9 / each but may be adjusted up or down later as supply and quality percentages are unknown at this time, also, I have limited room for large numbers of immature birds. Please know, I want people to have these birds and if you want them, we can work something out with hatching eggs or something.

Hatching egg fertility rates are unknown now as it is still cold, wet, new hens, young roosters and I hold eggs for up to 5 days so they will hatch on a day they can be sent as day old chicks. So far they candle at 50% infertile, which does not seem good but they are newly formed flocks. I am hoping that having a rooster to hen ratio of 10 hens per rooster will be best for the hens and the young roosters will get better at being boss and hens less skid-dish as time passes. With feed-back I will learn what works best for egg shipping safety and fertility rates, I aim to please.

Phone calls at reasonable day time hours during P.S.T. (Pacific Standard Time) will be accepted, if I am available. Appointments are necessary for birds or eggs that are to be picked up, biological precautions will be followed to minimize contamination. Hatching eggs will not be washed, refrigerated or include any pinkish color eggs and will be less than 48 hours old when shipped.

I look forward to providing True Araucana Chickens to all interested persons. If there is a interested feed store, person, or supplier, feel free to pass on information and thank you very much for your time.

Best Wishes.
Eddie Sheppard