Araucana Chickens

My objective is to maintain and make available birds from this strain of line bred, “Tail-less, Tufted Araucana Chickens” brought together in 1973 from strains known for egg quality, body types, and good natural instincts.

Continuing forward with focus on Quality bird health while predominantly producing Blue eggs.

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Welcome to Edd’s Awesome Aracuana Chicken Hatchery! Now is the time to get your eggs, so call us today to place your order.

Welcome to “Awesome Araucana Chicken Hatchery”, 2014 Recap, WOW what a year. 100% of people that got line bred stock from our hatching eggs, started chicks or mature birds, were happy with what they obtained. Hundreds of people have received a high percentage of tail-less tufted chicks at 25% or more from hatching eggs. Fertility rates were also around 25% on shipped eggs, which is incredible considering that most hatching eggs were from flocks that were totally double tufted breeding stock. Many had some very beautiful unique colors of pure bred Araucana chickens like I have not seen before. This year I will be using only one double tufted parent in many more flocks to help reduce the lethal factors seen and attributed to both parents being tufted which can be near 100% as inbreeding can create many homozygous Tufted birds. Fertility rates should increase and tufted percentage should remain incredibly good for 2015. Two nice black flocks were added from other sources in 2014 that are not of my strain and are kept separate for hatching egg availability. The blacks are tail-less and tufted laying mostly blue eggs but lack the flying ability of my birds and are more docile, less alert and eat more food, but they are a lot easier to catch and the hens are fine mothers wanting to ” Get Broody ” any time of year and hatched out chicks through the winter, also something rare in my strain where Spring and Summer are the natural brooding seasons.

Although I still have no plans on showing I am continuing to flock birds in colors that are alike, some are colors accepted for showing. My goal is to keep them as pure as possible and continue the South American “Mapuche Race“ blood lines that produced Araucanas in the first place from Ketros and Colloncas as they are still bred in South America today. In fact the description for Araucanas in South America is ” Collonca De Aretes” Meaning tail-less with ear tufts and they are bred the way I have been breeding them here for 42 years continuously since 1973 and possibly the way they have been bred for hundreds of years. I still get a few incredible Ketros that the English “Standard of Perfection” show bird breeders like to put with their bearded birds as beards, tails and tufts are a plus for many exhibitors.

Prices were kept low in 2014 and many special requests were honored. Started chicks were popular and “Day old chicks ” were not offered for shipment. Egg packaging has been improved to a level of confidence that minimizes Postal shipping trauma and breakage. Hatching Eggs remain the favorite and many re – orders were provided.

The three tufted bird trio experiment yielded only one tufted bird and a 10% fertility rate, reinforcing the lethal ear tuft trait. The tufted bird is a golden duckwing Rooster with large symmetrical forward sweeping tufts and he is beautiful. If homozygous many of his chicks should be tufted with that dominant trait and clean faced pure bred hens.

The main difficulty this past year is enlightening others to the history and basics of perpetuating tail-less tufted blue egg laying Araucana chickens.

There are two schools of thought regarding species maintenance: Scientific (zoological, with genetic diversity) or Restrictive (with standard show stock).  BioMimics (copying or mimicking) the utilization of nature’s tendency provides genetic diversity through natural selection, to provide the foundation for viability and insure the traits that increase survivability in any species.

Special interest have made it impossible to respect the unique qualities of Araucana chickens in regards to color and breeding necessities and those relationships to the American Poultry Association’s “Standard of Perfection” description that ignores scientific genetic lethal factors. I remain committed to the truth and have created a “Araucana Registry” for those that want to keep these birds as pure as possible to the best benefit for this type of Mapuche Race (Blue egg laying) chickens originating in South America before European contact. My hope is that we can increase knowledge, demand, genetic diversity, and see what these birds have to offer without the restrictions that apply to other chicken breeds without mandatory lethal factors and adding color requirement restraints.

2015 hatching season is near; more Araucana related publications are being created. Please review pricing, offerings and new pictures of fine breeding stock in the Gallery.

Phone calls at reasonable day time hours during P.S.T. (Pacific Standard Time) will be accepted, if I am available. Appointments are necessary for birds or eggs that are to be picked up, biological precautions will be followed to minimize contamination. Hatching eggs will not be washed, refrigerated or include any pinkish color eggs will be fresh when shipped.

I look forward to providing True Araucana Chickens to all interested persons. If there is a interested feed store, person, or supplier, feel free to pass on information and thank you very much for your time.


Best Wishes.

Eddie Sheppard